Donna & Butch Joseph (2007)

Ed Barker Recipient

About Donna & Butch Joseph

While it is unprecedented to present the Ed Barker award to a couple, it is obvious that the efforts of this husband and wife team have made a significant, positive impact at all levels. Their work on behalf of the OAT-CCC has aided in the development of our events and programs, and together they have built a tradition of doing for others. Butch and Donna were successful coaches at Shadyside High School from1982 to 1998. In Cross Country, their teams won OVAC League titles 9 times. In girls track, they added 3 more. As registered officials for 28 years, this outstanding couple worked or managed many meets. They have co-directed the Shadyside Relays for over 20 years and officiated at the prestigious Bellaire Relays for 25 years. They are so successful that West Virginia even asked them to operate the computers and do the scoring and timing for the WV regional meets as well as for several WV invitational CC meets.. Donna has served the OAT&CCC in many capacities including Ohio Coach of the Mid West Meet, Meet Director of the Mid West Meet, Clinic registration chairperson, Membership Chairperson, and Executive Board Secretary. Whatever job she undertakes, Butch is always there to share in the work. They not only willingly take on many jobs, but they work hard to find the best possible approach. Together, Butch and Donna Joseph represent the ideals of service and integrity symbolized by the Ed Barker Award. Their positive, friendly, and efficient approach to officiating, coaching and helping our Association has created respect for them and for our sport.

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