The OAT&CCC wishes to recognize the coaches who have many years of devoted service. Coaches who meet the following criteria or coaches who know of other coaches who have qualified are urged to contact the longevity chairman listed below at the Awards Display Area at the OAT&CCC clinic in January.

For questions please contact the Longevity Chairperson, Carson Cheek at otafn@bright.net.

  1. Include all seasons, High, High School or College as head or assistant coach.
  2. Coaches may be active or retired.
  3. Count out of state coaching only if you have been coaching in Ohio for more than ten years.
  4. Count one season per year if you coach both boys and girls teams and junior high and high school team.
  5. Please be careful not to double the number of seasons.
  6. Do not count indoor track & field as an additional season.

CERTIFICATE AWARD: A coach has 20 seasons in one sport, either track & field or cross country, or 30 combined

seasons in both track & field and cross country may receive a certificate at the “Awards Display Area” at the OATCCC Clinic. The certificates may be updated every five years and at retirement.

LAPEL PIN AWARD: A coach who has 25 seasons of one sport or 40 combined seasons of track & field and cross country may receive a lapel pin at the “Awards Display Area” at the OATCCC Clinic.

PLAQUE AWARD: A coach who has 50 combined seasons of both track & field and cross country or 30 seasons in one sport (track & field or cross country) may receive a plaque if they have accomplished either during the most recent school year.

Submit the form below by January 1st if you or a coach you know meets the criteria above.

OATCCC Coaching Longevity District Map

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