Dale Van Tine (2000)

Ed Barker Recipient

About Dale Van Tine

Dale Van Tine has officiated track and field and cross country for more than 20 years_ He has also been a registered basketball and football official for more than 40 years. He has served his local Dayton area as well as throughout the state of Ohio in all capacities of officiating, from meet managing to umpiring. Dale has been a leader in promoting rule changes in Ohio, as well as nationally. He has served many local and statewide officials' associations as an officer and committee leader. Dale has volunteered on a regular basis to serve in many different officiating roles in the MidWest and MidEast Meet of Champions and the OAT&CCC Indoor Elite and Classic Meets. Dale is a retired teacher and administrator of the Dayton Public Schools and has become known throughout the Dayton area in many elementary schools as "Johnny Appleseed" when he visits those schools to present his program on Ohio history.

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