Craig Whitmore (1999)

Ed Barker Recipient

About Craig Whitmore

Originally from Shadyside, Craig Whitmore was a track and field coach for 16 years and a cross country coach for 14 years. He has been a registered OHSAA official for 38 years. Craig has served as the OAT&CCC Historian for 15 years. Everyone interested in Ohio track & field and cross country owes a debt of gratitude to Craig for his many hours of research and record keeping of historical information about all aspects of our sport. Many forgotten individuals and performances have been brought to light through Craig's devoted investigations. Craig travels throughout the state and around the country to over 70 meets per year. He annually officiates at many local and tournament competitions. He has written the official history of the OAT&CCC, continuing annual updates. He has been referred to as Ohio's "walking encyclopedia" of track & field and cross country.

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