Gary Baumgartner (2018)

Ed Barker Recipient

About Gary Baumgartner

The OATCCC takes great pride in naming Gary Baumgartner the 2018 Ed BarkerAward winner for the major impact he has had on the sports of cross country and track &field with the development of Baumspage. Baumspage has revolutionized our sport in many facets, all of which have had a positiveimpact. For coaches, entries for meets is far less tedious and time consuming and theeasy access of meet results has been utilized and appreciated by not only coaches, but alsoathletes, parents, fans, media personnel, and college coaches. Not until the advent ofBaumspage did our sports enjoy the tremendous publicity and coverage enjoyed today.First introduced in 2001, the OHSAA now utilizes Baumspage for all of its tournamententries in cross country and track and field. The page has also expanded to includeentries for tournaments taking place in wrestling and golf. In 2005, Baumspage helped theOATCCC with entries for the first Indoor State Championships. In 2013, Gary was instrumentalin helping the OHSAA and OATCCC formulate the entry process by which the newlyformed Wheelchair Division in Track & Field would be conducted. In 2017, Ohio addedthe 7th and 8th Grade TF State Championship, and once again, Baumspage was there.For all he has done for all of us, the OATCCC is proud to recognize Gary Baumgartneras the 2018 Ed Barker Award winner.

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